The TurnPro Depth Marking Tool helps the installer to be sure that the tubing is bottomed properly on the shoulder inside of the tube fitting body. Depth Marking Gauges are used to help control installation quality especially in hard to reach or confined space installations where it might be difficult to determine if the tube is completely inserted into the fitting.
Depth Marking Tool



  • Accurate, fast and easy to use
  • Side view for visual confirmation that the tube is fully inserted.
Part Number Description
Part NumberTP-DMT-4 Description1/4” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-6 Description3/8” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-8 Description1/2” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-12 DescriptionDepth marking tool for 3/4 in
Part NumberTP-DMT-M6 Description6mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-M10 Description10mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-M12 Description12mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-16 Description1" Depth Marking Tool